Meaning of Life and Strength Essay

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Saif Aljaradi
What is strength Strength is power or having power. Some people are strong by nature and some are strong because they trained to be strong. Being strong could mean numerous things like physical strength, social strength or even personality strength. First comes physical strength which most of people would think of as they hear or read the word strength or strong. To have a physical strength is to have a strong body. It means that the person has muscles and can do things that people with weak body can’t do it like lifting heavy weights. Not only humans can be physically strong but animals too. In fact, many animals are far stronger than the humans. At the end, physical strength is one of the most important meanings of the word strong. Another meaning of the word strong is to be strong socially. People who are socially strong are people in high position in their society such as a governor or a leader. These people are called strong because they have the power to change many things. Such people don’t have to be strong physically because they have other people working under their command that would do the job for them. A third meaning of being strong is to be strong in personality. People who have a strong personality are usually strong by nature, they were born strong. These people can affect other people’s thoughts and believes for the sake of good or the opposite. This kind of strength is the most dangerous and the strongest because normal people are