The Old Man and the Sea and Old Man Essay

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A Fish Story In Ernest Hemingway’s, The Old Man and the Sea, is about an old man named Santiago who struggles with a gigantic marlin fish. Although, the story isn’t just about an old man out at sea. Hemingway uses symbolism to help portray meaning in the story. The story represents courage and strength. The marlin, for example, represents strength, beauty and the struggle everyone goes through. The dream of the lion, resembles courage. Manolin, the young boy, symbolizes youth and strength as well. Manolin, the young boy, follows Santiago and likes to fish with the old man. He was told not to fish with the old man by his parents because he was “bad luck”. He liked to be around Santiago and listen to his stories and everything he had to say. When Santiago looked at the young boy, he saw himself younger, and someone who cared about the elderly. Manolin wants what is best for the old man, he didn’t want him to be put down for all the accomplishments he had been through. “May I get the sardines? I know where I can get four baits too… Let me get four fresh ones” (13). This quote shows that the boy respects and care for the old man, and wants to help him as much as possible before he goes out to sea. Marlin represents strength and struggle. The struggle of Santiago catching this large fish would be his last great challenge. The marlin was thought to be more noble in Santiago’s mind. Since the marlin fought for its life and put such a struggle on the old man, Santiago thought of it as an equal, and called him “brother. “I wish it were a dream and that I had never hooked him. I’m sorry about it, fish. It makes everything wrong… I should have gone out so far, fish” (110). The marlin could also represent the struggle we all go through, describing that once we accomplish something big, the road doesn’t just end. Once Santiago hooked the fish, he still had to reel it in, and bring it home. The sharks in the story represent those who would try to tear apart people