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Media Research Assignment
Year 12 English Communication


Today, we live in a society as humans who live with media almost every day in our lives. It would be appropriate to say that almost everywhere we go we face some form of media in our daily life. That could be advertisements, magazines, radios, music, Television network and even Internet that majority of the world’s population would be consuming every single day. I personally look into media as a form of entertainment and a source to acquire basic information of civilization. I also take it as a must-need for communication in todays developed society.

To state an example, the Internet social network, almost everyone utilizes it everyday to communicate with other people. It wouldn't be a false fact if I mention that media is an essential factor in our every day living. However, as much as media is supporting our society today, it also has its negative faces and its true affects that it has on us. This research report would be outlining the positive and negative media effects towards adolescents in our society today.

Positive Effects of Internet and Music

As it was mentioned earlier in the report, Internet is a must need in our daily life in society to acquire information, entertainment and the power to communicate with others utilizing it. The major aspect of positive impact to adolescents having access to the Internet is that it could be used as a positive tool for education. This is because it is very easy to acquire information on the Internet source fairly quickly and also because they have their control over boundaries of information, which makes it easier for adolescents to take in information at their own pace.

Some other aspects of positive impacts would be that the Internet allows not just adolescents but other age classes, to socially interact with other users. The Internet allows adolescents to socialize with others through the use of e-mail, blogs, chat rooms, and instant messaging which would include Tumblr, Twitter and the globally famous Facebook. This assists adolescents to develop communication and social skills and also to help share personal interests and different cultures.

Music has the potential to be a positive source for mental health, calming, relaxing and inspiration, this is referred to any other adults and children. It is certain that music affects our emotions and it changes the approach to thinking, it can also provoke the positive attitude on life as an adolescent. A typical adolescent after school would usually feel tensed up and mentally exhausted from all the schoolwork, majority of individual adolescents might take the opportunity to listen to certain types of music to enjoy and relax to.

This could possibly be a major assistance for adolescents to go through the stage of growing up, for teenagers who are constantly moody and even typical adolescents who get stressed up from studies and relationships with family and friends. Personally, as a current student, listen to music to relax whenever I am tensed up and to simply enjoy it as a form of entertainment.

Negative Effects of Internet and Music

However, the positive aspects of the Internet and music has just been mentioned, also the negative aspects comes. Firstly, having very minimal requirements to have access to Internet easily is very convenient, although at the same time, its putting adolescents in risk from dangerous and negatively influential contents of the Internet. They would include explicit stories of murder, attempted