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Job Description * There are many different kinds of doctors, from generalists to specialists. However, all goal of all doctors is the same; to look after the health of their patients.

If you are fascinated by the way the human body works, and you want to help people who are injured or ill, medicine is a career to consider. There are many different types of doctors, from generalists like family practitioners to specialists such as oncologists. However, regardless of their area of focus, the goal of all doctors is the same: to look after the health of their patients.

A doctor’s first responsibility is to diagnose patients’ injuries and illnesses. They interview the patient to find out what his or her complaint is and conduct a physical exam. By combining information about the patient’s symptoms and medical history with the results of diagnostic tests, such as x-rays, biopsies, and blood tests, the doctor can diagnose the problem and suggest or implement a treatment.

The treatment programs prescribed by doctors vary greatly depending on the medical problem. Treatments can include dressing wounds, prescribing or administering medication, arranging surgery, recommending rehabilitation, or providing advice about exercise and nutrition. During this process, a doctor often interacts with nurses, medical lab techs, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals.

Administrative work can take up a large part of a doctor’s day as well. For example, a family