Essay on Meeting Between Strangers

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A Meeting between Strangers
Sarah Bradley
Sullivan University
ENG 101
October 22, 2014

A Meeting between Strangers Do you believe in love at first sight? This topic seems to be a debate amongst adults; is there such a feeling? For people that have experienced this; they will say absolutely I believe, but those that have never had this feeling are skeptical. The feeling that you get in your stomach, the meeting of your eyes, and the thumping of your heart beating out of your chest, is all signs of love at first sight. Let me tell you my experience at love at first sight. When I first met my husband, I thought he was the weirdest person I had ever met. He was only going to be a date for my senior prom and 14 years later we are still together. In my experience the first impression you have of someone isn’t always the best one, but in this case he was all I ever wanted in a husband and father to my kids. A young girl dreams of what her husband will be like; tall, dark, handsome, loving, caring, compassionate, and fun to be with. Senior prom was right around the corner and I had decided not to attend do to a bad experience the prior year. However, my best friend, Nichole, had different plans for me. She convinced me to go about one month before prom. The search began for all of the necessities including a date. Nichole said “I have the perfect person to take you to prom my cousin Buddy”. She told me he was nice, but definitely not boyfriend material. He would be a fun person to take to prom. Nichole said “you have seen him before”, but I couldn’t recall. She said “remember that Saturday night when we were out “cruising” the guy that yelled from the passing car with long blonde hair, that’s him. My response to her was “that idiot, no way!” Although a few days later I agreed to meet him and see if he was ok for a prom date only. Needless to say he was a completely different person that I had previously remembered. He had gorgeous blue eyes, was charming and very fun to be around. From the day we officially laid eyes on one another we have been inseparable. I guess you can call it love at second site! He wasn’t exactly the person I had imagined falling in love with as a young girl, but trading some of my thoughts for the redneck country boy that loved me with all his heart was good enough for me. After getting to know each other better we found out that our families grew up in the same community years ago. How small of a world! While getting to know each other we also realized how different our lifestyles and backgrounds were. For example, he has a very large family that doesn’t all get along, he hasn’t been on very many vacations or experienced other cultures, he is an outdoors person and is very loud and out spoken. My family is rather small and for the most part we all get along, as a family we took vacations to the Myrtle Beach, Disney World, California, Georgia, etc., I was not an outdoors person that