Men and women, opposite or not Essay

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Men and Women, Opposite or Not? Why do some fathers still have that masculine belief of their daughters being incapable of achieving what a son would do? As my father’s only daughter, I had to deal with his constant criticism all throughout most of grade school; reminding me of his wish about wanting a son instead of a daughter and how I’ll never succeed in life because girls aren’t capable of much as compared to boys. I could’ve let his words underestimate me, but instead I proved to him that I was capable of succeeding in life by taking on the full plate of both pink and blue. Graduating high school with honors and getting accepted into a four year university was just the first step of my goal to prove to him that girls can maintain …show more content…
In the psychological domain, we can examine how although there are differences in the way men and women communicate; there is an overlap between the ways they communicate as well. The behavioral domain can help examine the differences in how males and females react to certain situations, as well as in what situations both genders behave the same. In the sociological domain, men and women may each express in different ways how he or she would interact with someone, as well as expressing similarities. The emotional domain can help examine the sensitivity or aggression differences and similarities between the two genders. In the genetic domain, the fact that men have XX chromosomes and women have XY chromosomes would make it seem as if they were completely opposite, although one X chromosome of the male contains genetic material from the Y chromosome which proves the contrary. Though there are differences in the metabolic domain between men and women, with the adequate amount of exercise both genders would be able to lose weight. This paper will examine only four of the ten domains mentioned; I chose the brain structure domain because our cognitive development is what results in us behaving certain ways. The emotional domain interested me because our society oftentimes keeps men in particular, but women as well from expressing their emotions.
I chose the behavioral domain because I want to