Mental Health Depression Essay

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Mental Health and Psychiatry

Mental Health and Psychiatry – Assignment Number One (Depression)

Question 1.1: Analyse why men are more likely to describe the physical symptoms of depression, rather than the emotional ones, when seeking treatment.

Men are much more likely to describe the physical symptoms than the emotional ones because they always feel like they have to be in control and macho; they like to feel in control of their families.
Men are much less likely to acknowledge that there is actually a problem. Instead of seeking medical treatment with a doctor or specialist men are much more likely to seek refuge in drink or drugs. Men tend to feel irritable and angry instead of hopeless and helpless, therefore, doctors are
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Depression is actually defined as a psychiatric mood disorder that affects a persons functioning and causes them emotional distress. People can feel sad about things and this doesn’t mean that they are depressed. Depression is actually a mental disorder than causes a chemical imbalance in the brain. The social stigma of depression can add to the feelings of inadequacy that plaque people who already suffer from depression making them feel even more inadequate and alone. If we could get people to understand the biological mechanism of depression and the role of the medications used to treat it, we could help to stop this type of negative thinking and prejudice. Therefore, reducing the social stigma attached to people who suffer with depression and depressive illnesses.

The social stigmas around depression often stop some people from seeking the medical help and treatment they so desperately require. They feel unsettled and uncomfortable about talking about their issues and problems to complete strangers, even though these ‘strangers’ are medically and psychologically trained to deal with depressed people and depressive disorders.

Question 1.4: Describe the Principal Factors which could contribute towards a child developing depression.

There are several different ‘Principal Factors’ that can contribute to a child