Metaphysics: Mind and Beautiful Mind Essay

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Metaphysics can be defined as “the philosophical attempt to understand the basic nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible.” After watching “A Beautiful Mind” mind in class I can relate metaphysics to many parts of the film. Also, I found some interesting metaphysical quotes online. From these sources, I can offer a thoughtful discussion on my personal views of metaphysics. After watching the movie “A Beautiful Mind” we were asked to look up a few quotes about metaphysics. One quote that I found to be really interesting and that I could relate back to my life was by Terry Eagleton. It read, “In the deep night of metaphysics, all cats look black.” This relates to my life because I look at every single human being the same way. My first instinct is to judge a person by what they look like, or by the clothes they are wearing. But I do not let that affect the way I get to know the person, nor do I let that determine if I will talk to get to know that individual. For example, I notice all the time that my friends will look at the physical feature of a girl at our school and pursue them just based on that. Not knowing what kind of girl they are on the inside, not knowing that girl’s personality or anything remotely about the girl besides her physical looks. I am different than this, though I may notice a girl because of her looks I will only pursue them if I get to know what kind of person they truly are deep down inside. To me personality is all the more important than the physical attraction between the two. This is why the quote I picked is so perfect to explain my example because if you make all women look the same on the outside, what would then separate them? The metaphysical parts of them would be the separation between your significant other and just another girl you meet at school. Not the way her body looks in the sun after track practice or how sexy you think she is in those shorts. The second quote that I found online after watching “A Beautiful Mind” in class is by Matthew A. Petti. It reads, “The Truth is always trying to reveal itself to us in our physical world.” This quote to me means that no matter how much an individual tries to change himself on the outside that their true color will always shine through in the end. For example, many of my friends have taking on the task of trying to become closer to God, they say, they do, they act in a way that a good Christian would. But on the inside they do not have faith to truly become one with God. While when there is truly an opportunity for one of my friends to do an act of God,, if they are not thinking about it at that moment they will not do it. This I believe is because they truly are not 100% in the spiritual state of what they are doing. Just like athletes cannot train some days the hardest they ever have and then other days give a poor effort. You will not become what you want to be, therefore “your truth” will reveal itself every time to the physical world you are living in. The last metaphysical quote that I found while online is by Stephen Richards, "No matter what your wishes, they are not crazy so long as they are not crazy to you." This to me means that no matter what your dreams are as long as they are dear to you and you believe and know you can overcome the odds, you can accomplish what it is that's "crazy" in your life. This quote I strongly feel give's off the idea that what is inside you is way more important than other people opinion of what is in you. They can see only the outside part of you, most people don't know others how they think they know them. It is all just the