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01. INTRODUCTION Idealism is the oldest theory of philosophy. Its origin goes back to ancient India in the East and to Plato in the West. Generally, Idealists believe that ideas are the true reality. According to them, the human spirit is the most important element in life. Matter is not real. It attaches great significance to the study of man and his mind. It maintains that the material and physical universe is subordinate to a higher type of reality, a spiritual universe. CHIEF EXPONENTS OF IDEALISM (I) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) The Videc Rishis of India Plato – (427-347 B.C) Kant (1724- 1804 A.D) Hegal (1770-1831 A.D) Froebel (1772 – 1852 A.D) Swami Dyananda (1825 – 1883 A.D) R.N. Tagore (1861-1941
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Since mind comes from Mind, and soul from Soul and since they are not matter, they are imperishable. Final reality is Mind. This is also known as principle of Unity in Diversity. (vii) Realization of Higher values: According to Idealism, ideals of

higher values are made by man. They have their prior existence. The chief aim of human life is to realize these values which are Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Idealism visualizes glimpses of God in whatever is true, good and beautiful. The beauty and grace of human life lie in the achievement of these fundamental, absolute and external values. 06. IDEALISM AND EDUCATION (EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS OF IDEALISM) An idealistic concept of education is something which leads to the highest moral conduct and deepest spiritual insight. It is through education that man is led to realize the higher values of life, namely Truth, Beauty and Goodness. As Ross said, “The function of education is to help us in our exploration of the ultimate universal values so that the truth of universe may become our truth and give power to our life”.

6.1. IDEALISM AND AIMS OF EDUCATION The aims of education according to the philosophy of idealism are described below: (i) Self – realization or Exhaltation of Personality: Man is considered to be the most beautiful creation of God, according to idealism. Hence, the advocates of Idealism lay great stress on the exhaltation of human personality. By exhaltation of human personality, they mean