Mexican American Culture

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The Culture in My Heart
America is a country built upon many branches of cultures. Considering this, many cultures branch of the same ethnicity, but these cultures, more often than not, have conflicting ideas. As such is the example of the following identities: Mexican-American, Latina, and Hispanic. Being true to yourself means being true to your heart. Being true to your heart is defined as following what makes you passionate, happy, and fulfilled. For me, that would be identifying myself as a mixture of all these three cultures. Today I am a Mexican-American, Latina, and Hispanic, who became a “luchadora” and defies all expectations which set me up to fail. I am a person who strives with passion, keeping me grounded and true to who I am.
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Yes, I do strive to be better than others, but not while oppressing ourselves and not while mocking others for who they might be. An American is a person born in America, but there is more to being an American. When considering what an American, it must be kept in perspective that America is a country built out of many racial identities. Consequently, my American identity is that of a person who works hard and accepts others for their personalities rather than their skin color, background or physical appearance. As a Latina I am able to pass my lessons of life and grow the role model through my future children, but the term Latina gives me more than just matriarchal power. Being a Latina also gives me a voice to express my heritage, ethnicity and pride. As a Mexican-American, Latina, and Hispanic I learn the aspect of respect, something that is also well taught in each Mexican family. The term Latina does not undermine who we are, but make us stronger as it is a term that empowers the Latin women, in this case, me. Adding on, Hispanic is another identity I define with. Hispanic may have a simple definition like, “of or relating to the people, speech, or culture of Spain or of Spain and Portugal” (Webster). …show more content…
An agave plant is nurtured and taken care, it gains life from its providers, just like I gain life from my family. My family is the foundation to me as a person. My parents nursed me, and taught me life lessons to one day taste the fruits of that, as they are of yet another one of their children. Similarly, the Agave gives its nutrients its worth after it becomes the tequila. Why not chose a vineyard, or another type of plant? Tequila is a very important symbol of Mexico, a place I hold dearly. In Jalisco, Mexico the story of my parents was made, the backbone of the family that today is my support once started there and for ever it will be a part of me, for that is my origin and who I am. Similarly, I fly free and strong willed like an eagle. I one day hope to guide my generation to strive for what they want in life and push back against oppression, like the eagle guided the Mexican people to the Nopal (cactus) where one of the borders of Mexico would be made. Like the Eagle, I fly to my destiny and push against any strong