Mice and Men Essay

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1. A. Crooks regrets trying to scare Lennie into thinking that George might abandon him, or die. Crooks is angry at society for oppressing him so severely, so he takes the opportunity to pass along some abuse, to take it out on someone else. He regrets it because his desire for company ultimately wins out, and he realizes that Lennie has mental problems.

Curley’s wife regrets marrying Curley, and just wants companionship, like Crooks does, like Candy does after his dog dies, and like George and Lennie are lucky to have with each other. She regrets it because Curley is a terrible person, always talking about fighting, and little else. She could have been in movies and have nice clothes.

Candy regrets not shooting his dog himself because it is his dog and he should take responsibility for his friend and make the humane gesture to shoot it himself. He regrets the fact that his dog's last moments are with Carlson, who does not care for him, rather than together.

B. Crook’s dream is to be a part of something and to be treated as an equal. Crooks also wants to join the dream of George's, Lennie's and Candy's farm. However, he cannot afford a stake in it and he cannot believe that he will ever belong due to his color.

Candy has the dream of getting him a piece of George and Lennie’s land on their farm. He is considered old and worthless by others, so it is his ticket for feeling useful, and not living off streets once he cannot perform his job as a swamper. Candy can probably make the rest of the money as he promises, but because Lennie kills Curley’s wife in chapter 5, they can never go through with the impractical plan.

Curley’s wife’s dream is to be an actress, have a better life, become famous, and have many friends. However, she meets a man that says he will do this for her but he never writes back. Her dream cannot be fulfilled because of her controlling husband who is very possessive of her, and Lennie, who winds up breaking her neck and killing her.

2. One example from the plot that proves Curley’s wife is lonely is that she does not have a name. She does not have a name because everyone knows her AS Curley’s wife, so it expresses a deeper meaning of loneliness. Since no one knows her name, it shows a sign of no one being close to her, thus leading to the theme of loneliness. Another example is when she says “I get lonely. You can talk to people, but I can't talk to nobody but Curley.” (P.122-3) Even though she is married to the boss' son, she cannot go around freely because she may fear Curley. This shows that men have power over women even if they are married. Furthermore, it shows her distaste towards the man she is meant to cherish and love expresses how lonely she is in her relationship. She looks towards the ranch workers for the attention which should have been provided by her husband. Another example is that she dreams of bettering herself and is not content with the life she has on the ranch. “Coulda been in the movies, an’ had nice clothes”. (P. 89) This shows that her life is spending time on the ranch being “flirtatious” with men, when instead; she could have spent her life living her dream. We feel sympathetic for Curley’s wife at this point because she does not get to live her dream and spends most of her time flirting with men and hiding from Curley.

3. It is explicitly clear that Lennie needs George, but it is also clear that George needs Lennie in a different, but just as significant, way. George feels like he has the responsibility to look after Lennie after Lennie’s aunt dies. It's also possible that George's reasons for traveling with Lennie are not completely altruistic, as he recognizes Lennie is very strong and "a God damn fine worker". He also knows that Lennie is completely incapable of looking after himself. Lennie keeps happiness in George's life and causes him to be human, with real emotions and feelings. He is very