Of Mice and Men Essay

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Thomas Amaro
Mrs. Warfield
Pre-AP English II
21 October 2012
Of Mice and Men
Every writer reveals their novel’s characters in different ways. Authors decide to show the characteristics of characters through either indirect or direct characterization. John Steinbeck wrote the famous book Of Mice and Men which is one of American literature’s tragic stories. Steinbeck does a good job in using indirect characterization to describe George Milton in his book Of Mice and Men. I would like touch on the subject of George Milton and how he is characterized by Steinbeck in the book.
The protagonist of the novel is considered to be a shared role between George and Lennie. But George can arguably be placed as the main character in Of Mice and Men. The book is set near Soledad, California during the 1930’s Great Depression. Steinbeck undoubtedly had the story set in “Soledad”, which means loneliness. In the beginning of the story George is getting mad at Lennie and tells him how much easier it would be if he didn’t have to take care of him. Lennie in reply suggest that he can simply run into the hills and never come back. George quickly says that he was only joking with him and didn’t want him to leave. The author shows and how George does not want be alone through his actions. He also foreshadows that George will be lonely in the near future. Most of the characters experience times of loneliness throughout the book. The book’s biggest scene is when George kills Lennie after Lennie