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John Steinbecks novel, Of Mice and Men, potrays a strong understanding of how the characters George and Lennie use friendship to survive. "A guy needs somebody- To be near him... A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody" this delivering the message of how George and Lennie needed eachother to be by one anothers side, in order to keep eachother from going insane. Despite the differences George and Lennie came across they still stuck together, showing that in life people need at least one person to stick by their side and always lead them in the right direction. If people do not have someone else to be near them, wrong decisions could be made and people would be left alone, losing all happiness for themselves and eventually going insane . In my younger days i was not always the most popular person, and was not always the one to be outgoing with many friends. Since second grade I have gained and lost many friends, but I have always had one bestfriend that has stuck with me through everything. Just like George did for Lennie, Allie directed me in the right directions keeping me out of trouble, also helping me make the right decisions in my life. When everyone around me made me feel insecure and doubted me, I always knew I had Allie there to help me keep my head up high and support me through everything. Without Allie being in my life for 8 years I would not have made all the right decisions that lead me to be the outgoing person I am today. I would have gone insane without having Allie supporting me, I would have always been alone, and I would have never learned the true meaning of friendship. Of Mice and Men, The story of George and Lennie shows a clear meaning of friendship through out the two main characters actions. George has little patients for Lennie, but in the end is always there to look out for him. Lennie, having the mind of a child he depends on George to make his decisions for him, trusting George that he made the right one. George makes remarks on how life would be better if Lennie were not dragging him down, but little does everyone know George actually relies on his friendship with Lennie to keep him from being lonely, also to help him plan out what is going to happen to him in the future. Without George and Lennie being there to accompany eachother neither of their lives would have turned out the same, Lennie would have been lonely with no one to help him