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Table of Contents

Assessment Record 4

Record of Completion 4

Assessment Task 1 5

Required documents and equipment 5

Instructions for candidate 5

Outcomes of Assessment Task 1 7

Assessment Task 2 8

Required documents and equipment 8

Instructions for candidate 8

Outcomes of Assessment Task 2 10

Assessment Task 3 11

Required documents and equipment 11

Instructions for candidate 11

Outcomes of Assessment Task 3 14

Assessment Record

ICAICT202A Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment

IT environment

The assessment tasks in this record book have been designed to allow you to compile evidence that demonstrates your competency in the unit ICAICT202A Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment

Assessment of this unit must demonstrate that you can work in an IT role using organisational policies and procedures and communicating effectively with clients and colleagues.

You need to show that you have the skills and knowledge to:

1. Prepare to communicate and work effectively within an IT organisation

2. Use positive and varied communication strategies with ICT clients

Ensure you backup your work and keep a copy even after submission.

Record of Completion

|Candidate’s name | |
|Candidate Declaration |I declare that the content provided in this booklet is my own work. |
|Assessment date/s | |
|Notes to assessor | |

Assessment Task 1

Required documents and equipment

After reading the notes from your resources, complete the questions below, relating them to the IT industry. Use the Internet and other resources for extra information.

All work must be in your own words, copying from any source without correct referencing is not allowed.

Instructions for candidate

You can complete the written components of this task online and email to your teacher.

|Define the term ‘communication cycle’.…