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Carolyn Arteaga 1/21/15

Title: Preparing & Observing a Blood Slide/ Observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt

Purpose: The purpose of these two exercises is to observe bacteria. Not only in blood but in the things we eat as well, such as yogurt.

Procedure: We did two different exercises this lab. One consisted of observing bacteria in a blood sample, and the other was observing bacteria in yogurt. With the blood bacteria we took the slide and observed it under the microscope. We did a similar thing with the yogurt slide except to observe the bacteria in the yogurt we had to make a fresh sample. So on the first day of our lab we took a sample of yogurt and placed it on a petri dish and left it on the side until the next day. On the next lab day we took the sample of the yogurt in the petri dish and put it on a slide and then placed a cover slip on it to observe it under a microscope.

Observations: For the blood bacteria it had a lot of the circular figures. They seemed to be red/pinkish of a color. It seemed to be the red and white blood cells in the blood bacteria sample. We ten observed the fresh and prepared yogurt slides. In the prepared yogurt slide it had some purple blobs which were surrounded by the bacteria which looked like pallets. The bacteria in the fresh yogurt slide looked different. It seemed to be a little more circular with greenish like borders that were around the bacteria.

Exercise 2
B. Yes, the prepared slide had staining so it was a lot easier to see the bacteria than the fresh slide. The bacteria in the prepared slide were in pallet shape. Like the shape of a small stick. the fresh slide had bacteria as well but it was in the circular shape with a ring like structure outlining the bacteria.

1. Coccus: Spherical/oval shape, has one of several distinct arrangements based