Microsoft Powerpoint and Group Essay

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Group Reflection
Working in groups in class is not really my thing. One semester a while back in SQL class, this guy in another group was in charge of the database that his group was working on since he had an external hard drive. This group project’s grade was heavily weighted like an exam and was due on the last day of class. For whatever reason, he didn’t show up for the entire last week of class and told one of the group members to not call him up again.
After that incident, whenever I hear the words get into a group and work on a project I cringe. Not because of the above incident, but some people don’t do their share of the project. It might be that that other member of the group might not understand what the assignment is about, what to research, and or how to put it into words. I don’t mind helping others out, but ASK! Don’t wait till the last minute right before the assignment is due.
With this group project that we have completed, everyone in our group kind of did their share. One was kind of on the side looking lost, but he asked questions. He even printed out some information, but unfortunately we already had that information. As for the others and me, we did some research at home and brought it to class to talk about how we were going to do the presentation. Even though I’m the only person in the Information Tech field while the other group members are in the Electronic Tech field, we found one company that has both fields that makes the…