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1. Smooth muscle – muscles tissues
2. inner surface blood vessel – epithelial tissue
3. blood – connective tissue
4. areolar tissue – connective tissue
5. skin – More than 1 type

6. Which epithelial gas tissue is for gas exchange? Simple Squamous
7. Which is not a layer of the epidermis? Strtatum Reticulum
8. Which is a skin pigment? Carotene
9. Why does acne occur during puberty? Sebacous glands are activated during puberty
10. Which part of the skin is fingerprint coded in? Dermis
11. What is not the major way the skin protects you? Blocks all lipid soluble chemicals from entering the body.
12. Which layer of the dermis supplies nutrients to the epidermis? Papillary layer
13. Which lets you detect when someone touches a single hair on your body? Root hair plexus.
14. Which one is part of the diencephalons? Thalamus

15. Cerebellum – motor neurons
16. Thalamus – Regulates incoming signals
17. Medulla calliculus – Made this up
18. Limbic System – Emotions
19. Hippocampus – Memory

20. What is the primary function of the ventricular system? Supporting brains weight
21. Which part of the brain filters out things? Reticular system
22. What is the highest frequency in Hz? beta
23. Which is not likely to improve the transfer from short term memory to long term memory? Emotionally involved
24. Which crosses the blood brain barrier actively? Caffeine
25. What coordinates the extrinsic eye muscle? Frontal eye field
26. Which is not the protective layer around the brain? Alma mater