Migrant Families Essay

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Migrant Families


Body Paragraph 1

Opening sentence: I remember looking out the house window and seeing the open asparagus fields. There were rows upon roles of asparagus that extended beyond the horizon. Out in the distance you could see people quickly moving down the lines.

Detail 1: The migrating family (what is a migrating family)
A farm worker is a person hired to work in the agricultural season. There is a wide variation of work in the agricultural season. They work on farms of all sizes, from small to family run business to large industrial agricultural operations. Migrant workers are often low wage workers. Permanent workers may have a particular set of skills or educational background that allows them to earn higher wages and are often found in year round production such as dairy, or beef cattle farms. (ENTER CITATION)

Detail 2: Traveling (traveling from state to state)
When I was young we used to migrate back and forth from Texas to Washington. I enjoyed watching the scenery. I would perch my face on the car window as I looked out into the horizon. The openness of the outstretched land reminded me of the fields my parents had worked for so long. The scenery brought me back home. (ENTER CITATION/STATISTICS OF TRAVELING)

Detail 3: Jobs acquired (apple, cherry, asparagus and onion picking)
My parents would settle in Pasco during the agriculture season. They mostly picked asparagus through the summer. When the asparagus season was on its way the fields would be adorned with colorful boxes. The boxes where located at the end of each row. My parents would go down the row and pick the asparagus and put them in their bag. After their bag was full they would deposit the asparagus. Once the box was full they’d carry the box away.

Body Paragraph 2

Opening sentence: Migrant farm workers travel to the US daily in search of economic