Military: Woman and Military Combat Essay

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Women in Military Combat The world is always evolving into something different for better or for worse. Yet the ideals on women haven’t changed since the existence of mankind. Men were always superior to women, while women were the underdog. Females have been trying so hard to be equal to men, such when women wanted to vote, become a part of the congress, or, nowadays, be in the military combat to fight for their country. Women should be a part of the military combat even though people argue they are not physical capable or they distract men in combat causing the country to lose the fight against other nations.
Other countries allowed for women to join military combat so the people of the United States should allow women the opportunity to fight for the U.S. For instance, people in Canada allowed women to join combat since 1989. One Canadian feels it’s redundant to hear the same old reasons why women can’t be a part of military combat in the U.S. (Dao). People who oppose women in military combat argue that the standardized test for military combat will be lowered for women because of their physical difference compared to men that is keeping women from performing necessary combat skills in order for good offense and defense (Mulrine). However, “the Pentagon has vowed that those standards will not be lowered to make it easier for women to join combat units” (Dao). It is true though, army women had lower standards than army man, such as fewer pull ups, but the army is completely different than the more serious and devastating military combat (Dao). Moreover, people feel that women are incapable of carrying a hundred pounds of items on their backs and walking long distances, which is one of the main reasons why there is a debate on whether or not women should be in the military combat. Similarly a “member of the tank crew needs to be able to lift a forty pound shell of a rack and place it in the breech of the main gun” (Michaels). Many athletic women, who are going into the Olympics, have likely lifted a hundred or even more pounds on their backs for the training. The United States have seen stronger women than the young men drafted into combat. United States is only concerned about women in combat not because they don’t have the physical strength but because they were the ones who needed protection and not men who gave protection since the existence of cavemen. United States is keeping women in the same position as unequal then men, not letting them evolve into stronger and independent women (Ortiz). Being physical capable for military combat, women should join and gender shouldn’t stop them.
Women in combat have been considered as distracters to men, for this reason women are not preferential to participate in military combat (Hall). Apparently whenever a man and a woman happen to be in a same quarter for quite some time, they experience these feelings of lustful aroma causing man to abandon his post or his responsibility to be with a woman. The community in this case never really question or blame men for relinquishing his duty to be with a woman but rather blame the woman for distracting him to leave (LaBossier). These feelings could get a combat woman pregnant, forcing her to abandon her fellow teammates to take care of womanly duties instead of country duties (Frum). However it is a very slim chance that all woman and man relationship is like that in combat. Due to these intimate feelings man