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Your Face Reminds me of Hell Raiser.
A Perspective on the Benefits of Acupuncture for Stress.
Christian Jeter
HCS 321
Erick Cervantes

Doctors are all too happy to subscribe one pills. Having ran into many people that think that pills are an cure all or answer to their weight problems or health issues. A pill, is your worst enemy and you best friend. The meaning of that lies within the understanding that habits can be formed easily and if the wrong pill gets into one’s life things can take a turn for the worst. A pill popping generation has led many to believe that the remedies and cures of their ailments lie within the casing of a tablet or pill. One may believe that many would turn to pills and the” Quick Fix”, rather than putting in the sweat equity needed to get well. What is sweat equity? Sweat Equity can be defined simply by to words; the first word is “hard”, the second is “ work”. Hard work is the one thing many people forgo in lack of diligence and wanting to reach a goal in a health reasonable fashion. The promise and allure of a pill that will do all that for you is too much for some people to pass up. Recently my child was born. To think of my child’s birth as anything but recent would be a cry for attention. My child just turned 13 months and continues to grow healthy on a daily basis. I recall the time when my daughter was not yet here and was a massive living thing in my fiancés body. I was limited to the amount of time I was going to be able to take off work, so crucially every false call became a worry and a sense of anxiousness that I was helping bring a child into this world. I was not the doctor or the mother ; I was just a father that wanted to be there for their child no matter what or where. When I got to the state where my child was going to be born I realized my worst dreams had come true. I was going to be having my child in a” Podunk” town not near any major cities. I was cautious about the location, however with their being only one hospital for the entire 40 mile radius. I made the trip only to find my child still not ready to come out yet. Days went by, Days turned into a week. I had looked up everything one to man to research what would induce a labor at a faster rate than what was occurring. I saw a multitude of things that didn’t fit the bill in theory, but we did them regardless. Of such was the use of acupressure. This was a final thought before looking into the idea of herbal supplements. I did brief, yet thorough research on the subject only to find the idea of wanting the baby to be here before I had to leave taking a gross amount of precedence. I looked in the area and to my surprise found a practicing practitioner who utilized the acupressure/acupuncture modality to treat patients. Before long we found ourselves pulling up to a house in a residential neighborhood, thinking that this was not your normal visit. The baby was about a week and a half late from her expected due date. An old man answered the door with his in tow. Coming into this office / house we noticed in the foyer a receptionist desk and a waiting area and the doctor had us fill out paper work just as if we were seeing a regular doctor. Initially unannounced to me the practitioner was a traditional western doctor who had actually turned his ways on western medicine and began to study Chinese medicine and other CAM modalities and went to get a doctorates’ degree in it. A skeptic I found great comfort that this practitioner had his credentials to match his practice. He told us thoroughly about the procedure and said that it could produce results that we were looking for. I watched as the practitioner had my baby’s mother relax and he began the procedure with great care. He then incorporated a machine that acted as a way for treatment instead of the traditional needles. The machine was called non- invasive laser