Essay on Minimum Wage Teens

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Al’xes Campos
Minimum Wage
Period 5 By raising minimum it can help the economy and better us as a nation. Meaning that we as Americans would have our own economic structure to depend on, not the government’s money. Also raising the minimum wage we as a nation can become stronger and start to pay off the debt the country has. Additionally the money the government uses now to give to people can be put towards education, health care and in the cities that need it most. One reason why minimum wage should be raised it allows teens to learn skills and they are able to help provide for their family. Another reason why minimum wage should be raised is because it will help businesses grow and gain more profits... Minimum wage is the lowest amount of money a worker is able to get paid. Raising minimum wage is a big debate in many states because the government/states want to keep separation between the social classes. By raising minimum wage teens are able to learn skills and be able to help out their families. On the opposing side Michael Saltsman states in his article The Record is Clear Minimum wage Hikes Destroy Jobs “60 percent of people living in poverty don’t currently work and thus can’t benefit from a raise”(Saltsman,2). Mr.Saltman believes that minimum wage shouldn’t be raised and Americans wouldn’t work even if it's raised. Additionally he thinks that people would rather stay in poverty and get aid from the government than work for what they need to survive economically. However the Economist is all for raising minimum wage, he believes that it can’t help society and help people to be more independent. The Economist states in his article Can minimum wages do more good than harm? “With the continuous increase of minimum wage, the more teenagers will want to work and better their lives” (Economist, 3). The Economist is basically trying to say that more individuals are most likely to get a job and do better for themselves and for their future. The Economist believes that once minimum wage is raised the economy will be better. There’s no doubt that raising minimum wage will have more benefits. Raising minimum wage can help businesses grow and gain more profit. This is one of many benefits from raising the wage. In Saltman argument he states in his article The Record is Clear Minimum wage Hikes Destroy Jobs that “Raising business’ labor