Raise Minimum Wage

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“ 96% of American workers earn higher than the minimum wage.” This is a lot and this is why the minimum wage shouldn't be raise. There are many bad reasons for raising the minimum wage. The prices of things will raise, people will lose their jobs, and there will be more competition for jobs.

Some people think that if we raise the minimum wage it will be better for the economy and people, but really they are wrong. If we raise the minimum wage maybe the economy will get more money but that would mean businesses will increase prices. In the video, Economics: Is raising the minimum wage a good idea? Learn Liberty, it says that raising the minimum wage will cause a higher raise in prices which will cause people to lose money. This is a bad thing for people and their families because prices were already high and this will just make it worse for them. So it might be good for the economy in some ways but it is really bad for the people.
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According to the Aforementioned CBO report they said that “From 2013 it was estimated that half million jobs will be lost if the federal minimum wage was raised to $10 an hour.” This is terrible for employees families since it is already a struggle to raise a family. Also it says that “1.4 million jobs were lost in the early 2000's when the minimum wage was raised 30%.” It is true that all stores need employees, but if they raise the wage they will lose what they need the