Minor Characters In Macbeth

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Minor characters typically have a brief or modest role in a story, but they contribute to the plot of the story or the development of main characters. In the text Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the minor character King Duncan is needed to show the development of the main character Macbeth and to show the creation of the story. King Duncan’s existence helped develop the state of the main character Macbeth, and also without him there would be no story. The presence of King Duncan had a major, but important impact on how the story will turn out. Throughout the text, the degree of King Duncan’s presence, impacted the development of the character Macbeth. In the beginning of the text, Macbeth was well respected and noticed by King Duncan. Duncan referred to Macbeth as, “our captains” (Shakespeare 1.2.37) because he stepped upto the challenge of defeating the traitors. This scene is important because Macbeth knows that …show more content…
Without King Duncan and Macbeth’s actions there would be no story to carry on forward. If King Duncan was not a minor character, “I have done the deed” (Shakespeare 2.2.19) the deed would not of happened. The deed of killing Duncan would not of occurred and there would be not story. Macbeth’s character development has taken over him to viciously kill King Duncan. If King Duncan was not there Macbeth’s plan to kill him would not have been made and his development would not of negatively impacted him. Macbeth is changing the country of Scotland, and making it into a country of destruction. Everyone even Ross is noticing a change in the country, “Atlas, poor country” (Shakespeare 4.3.185). Macbeth is noticing that without the guidance of King Duncan this country is decaying, and turning into nothing. Scotland is slowly falling apart and Macbeth doesn't know how to put it back together because he has his own problems to worry about, like his hallucinations. This shows the