Mission Trip To Mexico

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“GOOOOD MORNING TIZIMIN!” is not what you expect to hear at 7:00 am on a hot summer day. It was the last day on a mission trip to Tizimin, Yucatan, Mexico and of course my group had the hardest activity for the last day—building a wall. As we rode the bus outside of the city, I could not stop thinking about the heat and work. When we pulled up to the work site, the smell of human excrement filled my nose. At that moment, for the first time, I saw true poverty. However, the work we did and the smiles on the villagers’ faces is not what inspired me that day. The actions of a boy by the name of Misiel resonated with me. During the short lunch break we had, I noticed that many of the children around us did not have anything to eat. So not thinking anything of it, I gave Misiel half of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some …show more content…
Well, the basis of nursing revolves around selflessness and humility. You are forced every day to put the lives of others before yourself. My trip to Mexico last summer opened my eyes to my true calling in life. After the trip as I type this essay, I know now that I aspire to spend the rest of my life helping those who are unable to help themselves. Not only has this trip managed to expose my life’s vocation, this mission trip caused me to contemplate the possibility of organizing my own non-profit organization. Penn’s dual-degree program would give the basis to accomplish both of my dreams: a career in the medical field and my own business centered on aiding those who lack the resources to care for themselves. Altogether, though this may seem cliche, this specific mission trip has encouraged me to pursue all the aspirations I have for the future. I know that I can complete nursing school and start a nonprofit organization, while attending UPenn. I also know that I will eventually complete medical school as well and become Dr. Nicole Harrison, the first in my