Mitt Romney Speech Analysis

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In December 2007, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was campaigning for the 2008 presidential election in Texas, at the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Romney mentions the nationwide debate going on at the time about American leadership and what he believes contributes to America’s preeminence. He also shares some of his personal qualities that he thinks would make him a successful president. According to Romney, religious liberty is the most fundamental aspect essential to America’s greatness because the Founders established this country with the help and grace of their God and wrote the Constitution for a “moral and religious people”. In his speech, Romney states that his belief in God will help him as president because he believes religion is closely associated to freedom, and freedom and religion are two of the most important institutions on which America is founded. He also promises that, if elected, he will not let his faith interfere with his presidential judgments. Romney’s promise to keep his faith separate from his politics is not a new promise; America was founded by the Puritans on the basis …show more content…
John Winthrop, a Puritan pastor, on the other hand, preached a sermon entitled “Model of Christian Charity” to his fellow Puritans aboard the Arbella on their way to America. In his sermon he preached the importance of helping others, being a role model, and having God in your life. Romney’s speech “Faith in America” relates to Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia and “A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom”, Winthrop’s “A Model for Christian Charity, Roger Williams’ “The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution”, and The Pilgrims’ “Mayflower Compact” because they all discuss the importance of religion as a basis for success and leadership in