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Jason Land
Mr. Hadley
ENGL 101
8 June 2015
Winter in Michigan is my favorite place Do you have a favorite place to go, a place with family, good weather, and fun things to do? Michigan is my favorite place for many reasons. The first reason is my family. When I go home on leave it feels like a reunion every time, we laugh and tell stories all night long. My grandmas are always baking amazing treats covered in cardiac amounts of sugar, caramel, and whatever toppings that could possibly melt your taste buds. The amount of joy I feel when I’m with my family is overwhelming. The second reason for Michigan being my favorite is the weather. Instead of it being hot and sweaty, it’s always pleasant and breezy. When I think about my visits, I can just feel the crisp fall wind and leaves all around. Seeing the white fluffy winter snow, is always something I look forward to. The warm enough summers leave you feeling like you can spend all week on the lake, swimming, ridding jet skis, and sipping some ice cold tea. The third reason for Michigan being my favorite place is going sledding. If it’s winter, we are sledding. We bundle up the entire family and head out to the hills no matter how cold it is. Some of my relatives have old wooden sleds and some of our younger relatives have the safer plastic type disc sleds. After hours of speeding down the sloops with the cold air in your face, making your nose drip with salty snot we are ready for some hot chocolate. If you