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*This assignment has the potential to qualify for the literary magazine. Please review the Keystrokes link in our classroom or email me for more information.
Goal: To use brainstorming for writing a compare/contrast essay on a topic of your choice. To write a compare/contrast essay (with attention grabber, thesis, body paragraphs with topic sentences, transitions, support for ideas) that demonstrates correct grammar and MLA format. To use highlighting to show all parts of essay.

After reading the Compare/Contrast Example carefully, it is now your turn to write a compare/contrast paper. First though, let’s practice our comparing (finding how things are alike) and contrasting (finding how things are different) abilities. Imagine you are at Kroger with just $5.00 in your hand. You have a craving for something sweet and really want a treat, but can’t decide between cookies or ice cream. Let’s consider how they are alike and different.


How are they ALIKE? (This is comparing!)
-can have chocolate as ingredient
-same price
How are they DIFFERENT? (This is contrasting!)
-cold, must use freezer
-normal, store anywhere
-freezer section
-cookie aisle
-must have a spoon
-can open and eat
So, what did you decide? I choose cookies – they’re closer to the front of the store and I can eat them on the way home! Now, let’s see what you can write about for your essay.
Here are some of your essay topic options:

1) Compare and contrast your choice of two things (school appropriate of course). Some suggestions are: two sports figures (LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan, online schooling vs. traditional schooling, your favorite place with your least favorite place, or Target vs. Wal-Mart.

2) Compare and contrast yourself or someone you know with one of the characters from “Eveline.”

3) Compare and contrast a modern “hero” and a modern “villain”--for this one, think about the key characteristics they have, the motivation for doing what they do, and the consequences of their actions (you can also use heroes from literature, movies, TV shows, et cetera).

Part One: Brainstorming (10 points)

Start by filling out the chart below. Remember to use my example about cookies and ice cream. Then write out your thesis statement and three topic sentences. Look back at the classroom pages or click on the link below (Capital Community College site) for help on writing a compare/contrast essay. Hold the control key and then click.

Disney World The Beach
How are they ALIKE?

How are they DIFFERENT?

2) What will your thesis statement be? What do you believe about this topic? Do you believe they have more similarities than differences? This should be a statement and should come at the end of the intro (see Short Story Writing Review page with questions).
My thesis statement is:____________________________________________

3) What are your three main topic sentences (what are the three main points you will make to support your thesis—these will form your body paragraphs)? Look back at the classroom page on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paper for help in organizing this part.

Part 2: Essay

Write your essay- just like the example essay. Use your brainstorming work in your actual paper! You can write your essay at the very bottom of this assignment.

Part 3: Highlight

3) After you write, please highlight the different parts of your essay according to the color guide below. This will help you check to make sure you have written your paper correctly. Please refer to the example page in the classroom if you have questions on this.

Highlight your attention grabber in yellow.

Highlight your thesis in green.

Highlight your