To Kill A Mockingbird Depression

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

The Novel to to Kill A mockingbird by Harper Lee is a historical novel, It explores the Depression Era, as well as the racial and social issues of the time period. In this essay we are looking at the significant changes, that takes place in Scouts life and how her opinions change. Some of the thoughts she had in the beginning of the story was that Boo, was an evil man, and that negroes were not like the rest of the human race.
Scout made assumptions about Boo Radley frequently making him out to be a horrible man who needs to be feared. The maid of the house, Calpurnia, told Scout and Jem that his brother, Mr.Radley was the meanest man God ever blew breath into. Jem also said that Boo dined off squirrels and cats, had blood stained hands and didn’t come out until night time. Scout being a young girl believed every word, soon she became terrified of Mr. Boo Radley.
Boo, is truly a nice person and cares about Scout and Jem, some of the things that changed Scouts mind which demonstrated to Scout and Jem, that Boo was not a bad person is, when Jem and Scout were outside playing they would hear someone laughing. It was Boo, observing them. Boo also left little trinkets in a tree hole, so they could have gum, a watch, and a soap carving of them along with other trinkets. When Scout Jem and Dill ran into the Radleys yard, and Jem ripped his pants and had to take them off to run away, Boo came out and sewed them, folded them and put them on the other side of the fence so Jem could easily grab them. Also later on in the story, Scout had a play and she was the Ham, Jem and Scout were walking through the woods when someone attacked them, and Boo came and saved them, Boo carried Jem home and Scout ran after Jem and Boo. Later that night, Atticus ( the father) discovered Boo in the room, behind the door, making sure Jem was okay. Scout took his hand and walked him all the way up to the front porch and was no longer afraid of Boo.
Atticus spends a lot of time instructing his children, not only in academics but in being good people. One way in which, Scout grew and matured is, on her first day of school,one of her classmates, a Cunningham was offered 25 cents by the teacher. because he didn’t have any lunch. Scout speaks up for Walter Cunningham saying he was a Cunningham and Cunninghams didn’t take anything they couldn’t return. Scout ended up getting into trouble with the teacher so once they got released from school to go home for lunch, Scout took