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Although there was many Reasons the Romanov Dynasty fell, The main reason was because of Tsar Nicholas 11 himself due to his lack of leadership. The problems he caused due to the lack of leadership included economic and social problems in Russia, such as the working conditions for peasants. His untrustworthy and dishonest behaviour led to many fights, problems and tragedies within the empire. Example The Bloody Sunday March, as a result of his unhonest behaviour the march turned into a tragedy which soon would lead to the collapse of authority and decline in support for the Tsar. This continuing behaviour led him and his country into the 1905 revolution, which influenced the 1917 revolution
Many of the mistakes made by Nicholas led to the constant unhappiness and problems that swept Russia

Other minor problems that resulted in the fall:
World War 1
Although the world war 1 did play a minor role in the fall of the Romanov dynasty, there were a lot of reasons in this which led to end of the dynasty. World War 1 also let the people of Russia see that Tsar Nicholas 11 was an unfaithful and unreliable leader. The main reasons showing his unfaithfulness and unreliability:
By winter, the war had claimed 1.2 million casualties and 3 million men had been imprisoned.
The many existing trends were made too then be sped up, which caused many problems amongst the citizens, which led to the end of Nicholas II's autocratic rule. problems concerning the economy due to poor organisation, incompetent leadership and attitudes of the army, which led to the decline in support for Nicholas.
The economic problems resulted in, increasing labour disputes, which led to enormous numbers of people in exile. The industry lost significant imports including, cotton and coal.
Food shortages were common as the number of male labourers declined due to their involvement in the war. But the most important of the shortages to happen during the war was the breakdown of the railway communications, which created serious problems, issues and fights amongst nearly all of Russia.
Only 2/3 of the army was sent in and made to fight with rifles, Even though there was a shortage of ammunition.

Bolsheviks and Mensheviks
Another minor role was played by the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks and there power and ability too influence and convince the Russian People that Nicholas was an unfaithful leader and needed to be taken out of the position he was in.
The power they accumulated helped them manipulate the thoughts of many including the urban working class and soldiers during World War 1
The plans, organisations and manipulating were carefully plotted against Tsar and delivered by a highly organized group. Although they had no direct role in the revolution, their thoughts and feelings attracted men and women towards the fight against the Tsar. It took