Montag Changes In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a novel about a dystopian society that adamantly believes that what they are doing to books is the right thing to do. Montag comes into contact with many characters who influenced his life such as, Beaty, Clarisse, Faber, and his fellow fireman. This society struggles from extreme censorship and fails to solve the problems in a peaceful way. They try to believe in what they do but know that all of it is wrong. Montag has transformed completely from the beginning to the end because of personal experiences, major events, and influential characters. Montag has many influences that affect his character. He noticeably changes how he thinks and sees society in chapter once. When Clarisse says “are you happy,” (bradbury page 6) it makes Montag really stop and think about what he is doing. It makes him really think about if he really likes what he is doing. When “Montag reads a line from the book and takes it,”(12) it shows how he has changed it viewpoint on books dramatically. This shows how he is beginning to believe in what clarise is telling him. All of these quotes really show how Montag has transformed from the time he said “ it was a pleasure to burn,”.(2). …show more content…
He is now fully devoted to change society and make things better. When Beaty says “Now Montag you’re a burden,” (109) it shows that since the sudden change in Montag, Beaty has taken notice and wants him the be dead and gone. When Montag says “fire is best for everything,” (110) it means that he is burning away the dark past and uses it to brighten his future and societies. Montag flips out and murders Beaty when he says “we trace this and drop it on your friend,” (112). This is the most dominant show of Montag’s change. He is now taking it into his own hands and making a difference for society. He has changed himself and is now seeing the truth of the horrid society and is disgusted by