Essay on Morality and Family

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Hello everyone, today I would like to take about “The Morality of Family”. To me the conduct of my family is very important, it is the very ground of how we live, how we treat each other, and the respect that we have for one another and our fellow man. For me it all started on how I was raised, being from a one parent home I’m sure was very hard for my mother. She had to be the father and the mother; my mother had a very strict stick on bringing up me and my siblings. What I mean by that is, in laymen’s terms, she did not play at all, my mother demanded respect from her children towards society. Now some people might think that she was hard on her children which were the opposite, she was the most beautiful person that you could ever want to meet. My mother struggle a lot for her children, for the most part she had two jobs, one to pay the bills and the other to get us what we needed and sometimes what we wanted. We were bought up in church, worshiping The LORD GOD, and believing in Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior. Many times we were disobedient, but mother would always talk with us first, so that we could get an understanding that it was the wrong thing to do. We stayed in the word of GOD daily, especially when we were finish with our home work. We would get new cloths twice a year sometime three times a year, Christmas and the beginning of school, to me they were really the best times, and then I could show off my new cloths. We had a lot of friends coming up as children, so whenever we would visit other people homes we would always speak first and always be polite because that’s how we were taught. We were also taught to respect our elders as well as giving up your seat when we are in the