Morality: Antisocial Personality Disorder and Morality Essay

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The thought of morality is mainly the key reasons societies today act as they do. Throughout the history of mankind, there has been the long lasting argument “Is morality just a product of the evolution of our brains, with no inherent reality?”( –Alfred Rosa, Paul Escholz, Pg 362, Models for Writers-) I personally think, that it is, and throughout this research paper, I will research why or why not it may be true. First of all, I think that morality is not just a product of our brains, but it is what society has taught us to believe, from the beginning of civilization, to control crime rates. An argument against that though, could ask; What if animals have morals? This next section is a quote I found interesting on that statement- “Nonhuman animals obviously don't reason explicitly about right and wrong, but they do exhibit some aspects of human morality, many animals display tendencies that we count among our most noble. When speaking of other species, we inevitably explain these traits in evolutionary explanation for this behavior in other species, it seems tenuous to argue that the same behavior in human beings is entirely a product of a completely different cause.” (Steve Stewart-Williams, Psychology Today, 2010). Now this is a good argument to agree with morality being an innate drive, caused by revolution. Morality could also be fear of punishment, not only by other people or society, but also, in some people’s eyes, from a higher being. Some people think that no belief in god correlates to “sociopaths” or people with no morality or empathy. I disagree with this, seeing as antisocial personality disorder, or being a sociopath, is caused by dysfunction in the left hemisphere of the brain, where feelings are stored. I do, however, agree that the notion of “God” does play a part in thinking of morality, especially for very religious people, who believe that they will be punished by God or a higher power, if they do immoral deeds. Sociopaths give a huge clue to the question if morality is an evolved mechanism in our brain. Anyone