Essay about Morality for an Atheist

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Robert Dorman
English 2208_87
November 28, 2012
Morality for an Atheist Is it possible for an atheist to have good morals? This is a tough question for anyone to answer. Basically individuality is where this question ends, or not. It is also believed that having a capacity for love brings about all divine decisions. As an infant most humans have no concept of right and wrong. Most children are raised with some sort of religion, and with what their parents consider to be morally sound. Once we hit our teenage years, is where we start to develop our internal scales of right and wrong. It is also where we start to gain an understanding of, life and death. Most people follow the moral rules of their society, from the fear of reprisal from the god of their understanding. Throughout history mankind has always had the concept of an afterlife, it was just unfathomable to, not consider there to be something after death. With a belief that there is a god, that automatically brings on the idea of an afterlife. There has always been the feeling inside of us, that there is something else, than just this life. If there is no god then who is left to judge our actions? In some areas of the world, this idea is punishable by death. Some feel that this is out right disrespect of their god and their heritage. In a way they are right. Truth has always been hard to accept for some people, especially if it means they are losing something. Everyone should be free to believe however they choose without a repercussion for their decision. Why must there be a battle between personal freedom and blasphemy. As a modern man or woman, the responsibility of judging our own actions is truly on our own shoulders. If there is no one to hold us accountable, then are we free to do whatever we want? In a sense, yes we