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Divorce. That seven letter word that nobody likes to hear while growing up. When you look at your mother and father have you ever pictured your family to be split into two? I grew up from a very young age with having my parents split. Because of that it made it very difficult to choose who would best help me solve my problems in life. Everyone depends differently on their mother or father. When your parents are separated who do you run too? Making up your mind for help is always a difficult decision you don’t want to upset the other parent. Or maybe you just have that one parent who is just a little more lenient than the other. It’s always hard watching your parents argue over each other’s decisions
Some people rather sit down and have an emotional conversation with their father other than their mother. I have always believed that I could talk to my mother or father in whatever situation that I have, but there is one person that actually listen’s and understands me more than anyone. That will always be my mother. Most people don’t ask for their mother when it comes to those technical situations. I would never ask my mother for help on changing the oil in my car that’s like asking an homeless person for a dollar. You just try not to light that fire.
My father has always been the quiet on of the family. Always making it difficult to talk to him about anything that is unless he had a few beers in his system that’s when the talking begins. Most fathers are there to help