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I felt extremely sentimental after reading this short story. The content of story is very simple, but the relationship between the daughter and her father is extremely touching me. Memories crowded in upon me. My father is a hero in my mind since I was a little girl. In that time, my father seemed very tell and strong. He was so great as my hero that I thought there was nothing he cannot do. Our relationship is very close. He is always patient and play with me. The most beautiful memories of my childhood are big dog, lawn and a hero dad as well as sumptuous dinner that my mother did. My father is my best friend. As time goes on, I am growing up day by day. Gradually, I found my father stopped playing with me. A few years after, I left home and came to Canada by myself. The gap in our relationship is widening. We can meet usually, even once a year. We aren’t communicate everyday. Now, I found my father is not a hero. He was older and older and I become a real adult. Whenever he reminded me take good care of myself or encouraged when I complained, I just felt warm as well as touched. In this story, the father and the girl are same as me. She has a wonderful childhood, they usually find favorite food and enjoy in the meal. However, when she grows up, they live different city and have their own life. The girl even changes a habit become a vegetarian. Father and daughter have become not so closely. They even repeat the same dialogue with each other