Motivational Program Proposal Essay

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Motivational Program Proposal
Shannon Stephens
PSY 201
August 19, 2013
Cassidy Hawf M.S.

Motivational Program Proposal

My plan is being built for my eight year old and we are striving for the PERFECT ATTENDENCE AWARD. (Stephens, Aug18, 2013) This program will be extrinsic in nature as my daughter responds very well to monetary and tangible rewards. (Feldman, Jan 7, 2009) Last year she was missing 9 days a quarter and was tardy as many if not more times. In our school system three tardies equal one day absent. I have always paid her and her cousins for their grades. This was a wonderful motivational tool, they could not wait for their report cards to come out so they could call me and say “Aunt NaNa, you owe me this many dollars.” I would say “Awesome I am going to the poor house with all of you getting these A’s and B’s!” We would laugh and I would write them a check and mail it out to them. There was another stipulation to receiving this money, they are all required to save half of their grades money, and they can spend the rest as they see fit. My oldest Kristian was raised under the same system and when he turned 16 he had enough money in his savings to purchase his first used car and pay for the insurance, so as you can see there is a method to my compensation program.( August 2013 ) I am hoping that using this same system for attendance will indeed yield the same results. (Feldman, Jan 7, 2009) I think for every