Movers And Shakers Essay

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Margaret Welliver
EDU-210 Foundations of Education
September 9, 2014
Nancy Winship Socrates was perhaps the first philosophical teacher. He would walk around talking with his students allowing them to come to their own conclusions about different subjects. His biggest approach was students solving issues and learning for themself. He was definitely controversial about his stances on democracy and denial of the Athenian gods made many dislike him and try force him into. The fact that he was not a supporter of the religious type of government and forced beliefs of the traditional deities and pushed for a moral code of government really was something that made many oppose him. Ultimately his stance on government resulted in his forced death by poison. His most popular pupil, Plato, then began to record the history and philosophies to be shared with others. Socrates most popular educational technique would be the process of critical thinking. This is still one of the most popular methods of learning today; in fact it is a basis for most college courses but is introduced to learners at young ages.
John Dewey is a personal favorite of mine, his “child centered” philosophy is one I try to use on my own children when it comes to helping them discover the world while they are still at home. Dewey was a well-learned man but did not really develop much of an interest in educating children until he was a father. He was a teacher at a school under the direction of his principal cousin then he decided to move to a country school closer to his hometown in Vermont. He then wrote three philosophical essays under his philosophy professor from the University of Vermont. These essay were revered by his editor and upon his completion of his doctorate he received a job offer in Chicago at the University of Chicago. There he met his wife, also a former teacher that was looking to further her education. He then wrote several books on his educational approach and how to use this style of teaching. These books stated the importance of classroom activities and tying them into real life experiences. These philosophies were accepted well and ended up aiding him in getting at position teaching for Columbia University upon his resignation from Chicago University after he lost control of his laboratory school once it merged with a teacher training program at the college. He was able to witness his philosophy and ideas used around the world and challenge those disagreeing with his methods. Dewey wrote his last book at age ninety with the collaboration of Arthur F. Bentley.

Plyer versus Doe was a monumental case that allowed children of illegal immigrants to be educated in the United States. The Supreme Court voted five to four stating that it was unconstitutional to turn away children from public schools because of their immigration status. This ruling was based under the fourteenth amendment, which prevents states from denying any person in their jurisdiction protection of the laws. This case was brought to the courts because of a policy that required children of illegal immigrants, or who were not “legally admitted” to pay tuition to attend the schools. I believe that this has many flaws and hurts the legal American students as these “undocumented children” fill up classroom space, require more attention and assistance with learning the English language which costs teachers jobs, less time with all the students, and we are rewarding individuals who are breaking the law. It does not make sense to me why people breaking the law are entitled to law-abiding citizens’ tax dollars. At the same time these children did not break the law and should not be punished because of their parent’s disregard of the law. It is still a huge issue today. Especially with the surge of illegal immigrants currently taking place.

In 1985 a teacher in New Jersey caught two girls smoking in the bathroom and escorted them to the principal’s office. One girl admitted to…