The Importance Of Strategic Brand Communication

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Introduction- Field of study
Strategic Brand communication in my own words can be defined as ideas and plans that can be used to communicate important elements of what a specific brand is to the people who buy into it, but to get a deeper understanding of this I want to explain the different components on their own. Let us take the word strategy; as defined by the oxford dictionary (year) is a plan of action set to be achieved over a period of time. What about the word brand? According to What is a brand?(year) It’s the difference between a pair of running shoes and a pair of Nike’s – what people feel about you and your product, the service you provide or your organisation . This then leads us to communication; it is a way to relate a message
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Characteristics of employees in this field
Branding is such a competitive field, this is because trends are ever changing, technology is always evolving and so is the way people view and experience brands. This is why it is important to be
• Innovative -to find new ways of doing old practices.
• A critical thinker- What? How? When? Why?
• Conscientiousness
• A passion for building and growing relationships
• Extraersion
• Strong voice- Have a great presence
• A leader – not a follower
• Organised- Be able to produce information that is needed
• Knowledge and appreciation for
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That is the nature of the industry, but there will always be top of the class. I took to Forbes to find the top companies or brands in the field. To no surprise technology leads …
1. Apple
Apple was born in 1976 and has built a strong relationship with its buyers over the years. Today it is worth 145.3B. Apple is no doubt the best brand of our time. It is the epitome of success to the now generation. Why is that? It is quite simple; Apple is INNOVATIVE!
2. Microsoft

Microsoft sets out to; Reinvent productivity & business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, create more personal computing. (Microsoft)
Microsoft is a programme almost everybody who uses a computer uses, from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even paint. It is quite innovative, this transcends to having Microsoft in a phone from your Lumia to any Android phone including Samsung.

3. Google

Google was introduced to us as a search engine. Its success is undeniable, someone once told me that you know you are a successful brand once people start using your brand as a verb, think about it. How many times have you used the phrase “Google it”. This is, to me, one defining factor about Google, and definitely the reason it is one of the top companies in the field.
Current trends in the