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Movie Response
A coming of age is a youth’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Everyone has similar experience in the growth way. The movie “Stand By Me ” explained that four twelve years old boys wanted to find the body of a young man who has been hit by train so that they could be heroes. On this adventure, one of the boys, Gordie who experienced a loss of innocence by losing his brother, but he received confidence and courage from his friends.
Gordie’s brother, Daniel, was an excellent football player. Daniel was parents’ pride, but a truck killed him four months ago. Since then Gordie almost became an invisible boy at home. In the movie, Gordie prepared for the adventure, he asked his mom whether she knew where his canteen is, but his mom pretended never hear that. Although Gordie wasn’t parents’ favorite son, his brother gave him enough care and power. Gordie was good at writing, Daniel encouraged him keep writing though his parents even didn’t want to read Gordie’s story. All of a sudden, Daniel was gone; Gordie lost his reader and supporter. He needed to grow up fast than ever, and thus he can afford to chase his dream. After Gordie lost his brother, he also lost his innocence. He transferred from a child to an adult.
However, on this seeking dead boy’s adventure, there were many unexpected things happened to the four boys. The impact on everyone wasn’t same, but Gordie regained confidence on writing and life. In this movie, Gordie’s best friend Chris as another brother gave him a lesson for life. Once Gordie asked Chris he was weird, and Chris told him everyone is weird, and he can be himself. Chris told Gordie he could be a real writer someday, he wish he could be Gordie’s father. In this time, Gordie was a little bit depressed, but Chris wanted to lead him to right way. Although Gordie lost his innocence, he experienced he can be a confident boy and he can keep writing.
In addition, Gordie lacked of courage…