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10% In-class work….Doing something in class for grades unfairly works against students with accommodations. So, to address this…we have this assignment:

Choose two (2) movies from the list:
1) Kanehsatake: 270 years of Resistance, Director: Alanis Obomsawin, 2008. (can be seen for free on the National Film Board's website.)
[Aboriginal Issues in Canada]

2) Once Were Warriors, Director: Lee Tama Hori (1994)
[Award winning film re: Domestic Violence, and loss of community for the Maoris in New Zealand.]

3) Philadelphia, Director: Jonathan Demme (1993)
[Gay Rights]

4) Away from Her, Director: Sarah Polley, 2006
[Older Adults]

5) If new to issues of race, then choose
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Director: Stanley Kramer,
If you want something more challenging, Then choose
Crash, Director Paul Haggis, 2005.

Write a one page “review” of the movie using some of the concepts we have learned in this class.
One page review for each movie…so you are handing in 2 sheets each of which will be graded out of 5%.

Grading Rubric:
Use of Class concepts 2
Creative reflection 2
Grammer/writing 1

Due: Week of December 3rd .

Movie Review
Social Diversity
Banu Bayram
November 28th 2012

Movie: Once Were Warriors
The movie ‘Once Were Warriors’ is based on a family which deals with many issues such as domestic violence, suicide and sexual abuse. The content of the film was very hard to watch at times because of the severe harm that the husband/father in the film has put on the family as well as the sexual abuse that his daughter endures from her uncle. The family seems to be happy until the father comes back home, the whole mood and dynamic of the household changes; they must do as the father says and never disobey him showing that they are in a negative patriarchic power home. The wife of the house seems to be very loving toward her children and although she can hold the household down without a man, she needs him financially which is a burden on her. The husband is very violent with his wife, causing her to have black eyes, swollen face and sexually available whenever it is at interest for him. They were definitely in a domestic violence case and once again a patriarchic power in terms of their relationship. The third issue in this video would be sexual assault/abuse; in terms of the daughter and her uncle. The daughter in this family is very intelligent, creative and likes to stay out of trouble – her uncle ends up raping her in her own home and she commits suicide as a result of not being able to deal with the household domestic violence and sexual abuse. The affect that the father had on the household was very negative and caused the people in his family to act out negatively as well examples of this are shown with his daughter running away, not trusting her parents, a son goes to jail and another son joining gangs. All together this film provided different concepts that we have picked up in class and shows that these issues do happen around the world but there are ways to overcome and move on from them.

Movie: Philadelphia
The movie ‘Philadelphia’ is based on the life of a man named Andy who is infected with HIV/AIDS and gets laid off from his job because of it. Andy wants to seek justice for getting fired just