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A Review of《The Pursuit of Happiness》

I have seen《The Pursuit of Happiness》 several days ago , but I can’t forget Chris and his spirits until now . To be honest , this move is really a big shock to me , and the strong power in Chris has been influencing me all the time .

Characters and the climate
There are mainly three characters : Chris Gardner 、Christopher、 Linda ,and the leading character is Chris Gardner ,the father. The whole atmosphere is positive ,though there is a large part describing the bitter struggles of Chris ,his spirit is inspiring , and there is no disappear but hope and stable belief in happiness.

Development of events
The story of Chris Gardner is divided into six part ,I will introduce them one by one .

Part one : Riding the bus
It was in San Francisco 1981, Chris spent all his money on buying medical equipments , but later he found that they were unpopular among doctors ,because they were expensive and almost useless . everyday he did his best to promote the equipment to doctors ,but he can’t earn enough for the rent and kindergarten , his life was not easy .
Part two: Being stupid
In this part ,Chris had to apply for a work as a stock woker ,so he left the medical equipment with a girl ,but the girl took it away ! what a accident !

Part three : Running
He rann after the girl who had stolen the equipment ,finally ,he took it back ,another situation is that he had no money for the taxi ,so he escaped ;Third ,he was sent to the prison for owing the taxes ,and the next morning ,he ran to the stock company for a interview with paint stains on his body .

Part four : Internship
Chris got the job as a internship for six months without salary ,,it was really a hard time for him ,he had to sell the equipment while working as a internship. Afterall , he earned some money from the medical equipments

Part five : Paying taxes
In this part ,there was a big hit to him ,the government took $600 from his account and he only had $21.33 left ,he was broke again .this part was the most impressive but inspiring one .During that time ,he and his son spent a night in the WC ,and lived in the church hospice for many days ,although there were many barriers ,he carried on seeking for the happiness.

Part six : Happiness
It was an exciting part ,Chris was succeed ,and he did it finally ,he became a successful stock worker!

My views on the story
After the movie ,I thought of many things :we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equally , that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights ,that among these are life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness . I think Chris must have read the above paragraph for many times and believed it unswervingly. At the beginning of the movie, after Chris has sent Christopher to the kindergarten , he saw a wrong word on the wall ,and said the famous sentence : There is no ‘Y’ in happiness