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MTV, once the pre-eminent medium for the broadcast of music videos, has become the pre-eminent medium for reality TV. MTV’s pragmatic diversification has moved the brand further from its roots and into its current dilemma: music television or not? MTV invests a lot of resources in researching, understanding, and adapting to its audiences’ evolving needs and desires. But as it continues to experiment with low-cost content, the cultural pioneer has strayed from its music-centric identity and lost a bit of its edge. Despite that, MTV continues to have an impact on popular culture, now on a global scale, with its number one series of all time, Jersey Shore. In the past year, MTV’s annual Video Music Awards program also showed phenomenal growth, a huge triumph for the brand and an homage to its former persona. Beset with an identity crisis and in the midst of a tough game of catch-up with its target audience, the brand has some distinct challenges ahead. Constant innovation is mandatory for a youth-oriented brand such as MTV. It will need to pursue an aggressive creative strategy in order to capture the attention of a generation with an exceptionally short attention span. MTV would do well to push the boundaries and recapture some of its lost edge — the very thing that made it a household name more than 30 years ago.

1. Aug 1, 1981 – First Announcement was made by its thenCOO John Lack.It exposed rock music artistes to the mainstream audiencethrough the medium of televisionMTV became the prime source for delivering musicexperience; and radio was relegated to secondary status.MTV‟s focus revolved around teenagers and youthLater, it was labeled as the “MTV generation” by focusing onteenagers, youth, parents and teachers
2. MTV brand lies in its ability to evolve continuouslythrough its innovative youthful contentIt always reflect the local youth culture and lifestyleand at the same time offers international exposure.Ex. Offering a mix of Bollywood and western music inIndia.Leveraging its status through its social responsibilityinitiatives such as „Choose or Lose‟ and „Fight for yourRight‟.
3. To build a Global brand, there are three main optionsavailable: To retain the same basic brand personality and proposition across all markets. Combine global brand value with local adaption Go in for local and fully adaptive brandingMTV has chosen to combine global brand values with localadaptationAs a result, MTV has gained huge brand equity and value inmany parts of the world
4. MTV maintains relevance and emotional bonding withthe customersDue to advent of internet and digital revolution,marketing techniques too have gone hi-techEx. Viral marketing, mobile advertising, advergamingToday‟s youth acquire „indie‟ personality i.e. beingindependent and different from the crowdSo, the main drivers of present day youth areentertainment, information, interaction and innovation
5. MTV is the channel of expression and social conscienceFormally, MTV does not have a stated brand vision but itappears to have vision of being “forever young”It‟s mission basically focuses on fresh, relevant and risk-taking entertainmentIt‟s corporate and brand personality includes the facetsof innovation, being relevant, passionate, etc.MTV has developed both tangible and intangibleelements of its brand equity.
6. Tangible equities are: Intangible equities Informed and relatable are: VJs International content Music video shows Variety Novel animation The sense of belonging Lifestyle shows Relevance Special Events Discovery Attraction
7. The MTV brand continuum ranges from its original positionas a visual radio to becoming a leader in musicLater, it developed from music plus variety to youth-culturevarietyNow, it approaches 360-degree marketing which aims toexpand across a range of technologiesNow it is providing content through mobile phones,interactive gaming, which helps to keep in touch with thelatest trends of the tech-crazy millennial
8. MTV extends to