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For many years now, homosexuals have been fighting for the right to be able to get married. It is rather interesting that society has failed to learn from its mistakes in the past. Throughout history, our community has judged people based on the color of their skin, has segregated those who believe in different religions, and has ultimately denied individuals freedom of speech. In spite of all these conflicts, humans have gradually come to agreement and have resolved such issues. Minorities have been discriminated against throughout the history of this nation. First there were African Americans, and later there were women. Due to religion, many people were and still are in denial, for homosexuality is apparently a sin. Why should the conflict of gay marriage be treated any differently? Gay marriage should be legalized in New Jersey because homosexuals are not being given the freedom they deserve. Being gay isn’t a choice. People are born the way they are, and some people are born to like the same sex. Among those who like the same sex, there are those who begin to think about long term relationships and yearn to one day get married. By restricting gay people from marriage, we strip their hopes and dreams away from them. In essence, we take away their “freedom of marriage.” As a nation, we permitted each other to treat African Americans like animals. We constantly made them work the fields and as a result, humiliated their race. If we make the same mistake that we made