I Am Here Essay

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I Am Here
By: Brooke Drake

Don’t feel alone, I am here,
I am the sun that shines every day,
I am the leaves falling in autumn,
I am the rain that falls so gracefully,
I am the snow that falls lightly,
Don’t feel alone, I am here.

The Rain
By: Brooke Drake
Tink… tink….
Each drop falls gracefully,
The rain dances and sings a song,
A song of beauty, a song of life,
Tink… tink… a song fills the air,
The earth cries….
The sky tears, tears up to this world,
Tink… Tink… the song fills your soul,
Each drop… dances to the sweet song,
The sweet song of life…

I’ll Be Waiting
When you feel a warm invisible hug, as the sun shines on you, It is me
When it rains, falling hard washing all your worries, it is me remembering my departure of this world
When a thunderstorm booms aggressively, it is my anger and confusion
Each rain drop… is a tear of my absence… and sorrow
Each petal falling… is my love for you, and my soul aching to be by your side
But with all storms, they clear and the sun shall shine through the clouds
One sweet day, we will once be together again…
I will be waiting for you…

Plop Plop
By Brooke Drake and Colleen Drake
I patiently sitting here waiting on the pot,
To here that oh so familiar sound…. Plop…plop….plop
Will it be green, or will it be brown
As I sit there pushing, as I feel a crown
As I sit there wondering what I ate, I feel a little tingling at the bottom of my feet
Was it turkey, or was it ham, or was it the delicious bowl of yams?
Then I heard a loud thunderous noise,
As it blew out my ass, I realized, I was…