My Autobiography About Me

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My Autobiography

About Me
I love reading. I read almost all kinds of novels, picture books, and some magazines. As a result, I’m full of creativity and imagination. Sometimes I also listen to the radio, and my favorite radio station is ICRT. I’m outgoing and I like to mingle with people and make friends. My hobbies are extensive. Thus, I’m eager to explore and try new things.

My Personalities
“You make people open their hearts up to you,” said one of my bosom friends. Not until then did I realize why my friends tended to share feelings and thoughts without reservation. In addition, several friends of mine also told me that when they were having a heart-to-heart talk with me, they connected with me at ease and with a
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Whenever I don’t spend a few minutes reading anything in English before bedtime, I feel quirky. Whenever I am upset or depressed, studying English delights me from the bottom of the heart. Sometimes, I didn’t have power to do anything until I studied English for a while. Studying English calms me down, refreshes my brain, and makes my thoughts clear. I rarely feel fatigue when I am studying English. Future
Besides majoring in English, I would like to choose Japanese for my second language course. At senior high school, I also chose Japanese and learned it for one year in the second language course. Because of my great interest and of the foundation of Japanese, I would like to study it more deeply and detailedly.
I will try my best in the following four years in university. Besides the schoolwork, I want to learn more in other aspects of Application English, such as news, commercial, economic, technology, and so on. In addition, I would like to participate in school activities as much as possible to enrich my school life. For example, I would like to be a service volunteer, such as being a tutor to teach some underprivileged or disabled students.
After I graduate, if I can, I want to go aboard to broaden my horizons. If the economic situation doesn’t allow, I will keep studying in research institute to get the master degree, and promote my English ability. In the further future, I want to be a translator. I believe that with my great interest and