My Child's Education: Public Or Private

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My Child’s Education: Public or Private
Nicole Benitez
ENG 121 English Composition I
Prof. Jill Mosley
March 12, 2012

My daughter is only 18 months old, but I have to start thinking about her education right now. There has always been discussion about what type of schooling is better: public or private. Most of the argument is based on opinions of others. I want to explain what my opinion regarding public versus private schooling and what I believe will be my final decision for my daughter’s education. The first issue that is usually debated is money. The cost of private schooling is usually more costly than public schools. Public schools can’t charge tuition and are funded through taxes, which keeps it more cost efficient where private schools charge tuition, receive private grants and use fundraising to fund the school. Even though the dollars you are spending seems like a lot, you have to look at what you are getting for that amount of money. You get what you pay for and that is a better education. Whether it is a public or private school, all teachers have to be certified by the state to teach. But in private schools the teachers usually have subject-area expertise and an undergraduate or graduate degree in their subject of choice. This allows the students to receive a more specialized education from private schooling. The public teachers are teaching a little of over subject and don’t seem to elaborate on a subject that they aren’t familiar with. This is where private schooling has an obvious advantage, other than the reputation that attending a private school withholds. Just to go to a private school you have to be accepted. They want the best of the best at their school, just like you want the best education. They want students that are ready and willing to learn all that they can and apply it to their future. The reputation that comes with going to a private school is something that your child can use in the future for college applications and employment. I don’t believe that people that go to private school are better than others but I do believe that students who attend private school hold themselves more accountable for their actions as they know what the opinions of others could do to their education. I know that this will be the biggest argument with other and myself, but it is the way I feel about the topic. I do understand that there are some negatives to private education. Sending your child to private school not only involves them but it also involves a lot from the parents as well. For the school to be funded through fundraising it