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To whom it may concern,
I am writing this cover letter to apply for the job vacancy advertised. I believe I am the most suitable candidate for this role, for a number of reasons which I will go further into detail throughout this letter. Taking a closer look at my CV, it’s clear to see I have a diverse skill base gained from the various roles and responsibilities I have obtained.
As a person, I see myself as a self - motivated, hard driven individual who strives to any given opportunity to strengthen my skills. I always look for challenging roles, as this motivates me to achieve my own personal targets. Being confident has always been a factor in my life as I am naturally an outgoing person who is easily approachable. I enjoy meeting new people and creating a positive environment.
My responsibilities have included liaising and developing relationships with clients which is required in this job role. Working in venue central as a waitress has provided me with key skills as a communicator, who can maintain excellent team working skills and made me a very strong negotiator and a team player. I was dealing with lots of different people from different backgrounds who had distinctive queries which helped to enhance my problem solving skills.
I have completed Entry to Employment programme after this programme I attended to college to completed Level 1 BTEC Introductory Diploma in business and level 2 BTEC First Diploma in business with Distinctions grade. Also I have completed level 4