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After lots of hard working time, the first thing everybody wants to do is relaxing. Travelling is an interesting activity people like to do. It is easy to know that travelling overseas becomes more and more popular nowadays. To be sure that you can have a perfect vacation, you need to prepare. Now, today I will show you guys the three steps of preparing for traveling overseas, these are: decide the place, prepare for your baggage, and make a plan for your travel.

So, I will talk about the first step, it is decide the place you want to go. First, you need find some information about any place you want to travel. You can search on the Internet, it has lots of famous place, with picture and video for you to imagine. Moreover you can go to some traveling companies. They design many tours, and they will give you lots of advising and advertising. If it is hard to decide the country, you can discuss with the person will travel with you. My family and me always have some discussion together. It is really help us to have some great idea.

After having a decision about the place, preparing for your trip is the next step. First, you have to prepare all of necessary document. They include passport, the plane ticket. Make sure that it always in your bag, because you can’t do anything without them in another country. When I come from the US, my parents put every important document on a folder, and they always tell me to hold it on my hand, they told me over one hundred times, day by day. Another necessary things are you should prepare your personal equipment, such as: brush, tower, clothes, phone charge, or some cookies. It is always exist in most people baggage. Because when you come to another country, these things seem to be expensive to buy. I remember when I travel with my family, I don’t prepare enough shirts to wear, and we can’t wash it. So I need to buy one more shirt. The cost is 3 times higher, because they know we are the visitor.

Now, we come to the last step of the preparing process, it is making