My Culture Essay

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Annmarie Nwokoro
AP world Lit
For my project I decided to bring multiple things to represent my culture. Both of my parents are from a place in Africa called Nigeria, but I’m from here so that makes me African American so, I brought in multiple things that represent Africa and America. The first Item I picked was a vase that my grandmother gave me. On this vase it has tents that imitate houses back then in Africa. I really adore this vase because it’s like a piece of history because it shows how people in Africa used to live. It was a really treasured heirloom that was supposed to be passed down from generation to generation until I dropped it and a piece of the vase broke right in the middle of the it. It still has value but, my parents say it will never be the same. The next item I picked was a jar that contained a lot of the ingredients that are used to make some of my parent’s African dishes. This jar contained spices, rice, and vegetables. I made this jar to show the many things that are used in Africa to make food that represents my culture. I also brought a doll I made myself to incorporate how in Africa when my were kids they didn’t have anything like “ Toys R Us” so they had to make toys .I used that item because making your toys in Africa is different than buying one in America. The last Items I bought was I tutu and a pair of ballet slippers. These represent my America culture because I really liked to do ballet as an extra-curricular activity to pass