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Yareli Peregrino
Memory Strategy
Memory Strategy
1. a. Concept and Definition: “Short-term memory is a memory store with limited capacity and duration (less than a minute).” (Krause & Corts, 2012, p 238).
b. Example: I remember yesterday having a long conversation with my mother and after I stopped talking and she started talking I had forgotten what I wanted to say to her. I knew it had something to do with what we were talking about but I couldn’t put what I wanted to say together.
2. a. Concept and Definition: “Testing Effect is the finding that taking practice tests can improve exam performance, even without additional studying.” (Krause & Corts, 2012, p 257).
b. Example: Last week I had a test in my biology class and I studied so much that some of what I studied I forgot about so I decided to make a test of what I needed to study and I took it myself and it turned out to help me a lot because I passed my biology test.
3. a. Concept and Definition: “Recovered memory, memories of a traumatic event that are suddenly recovered after blocking the memory of that event for a long period of time.” (Krause & Corts, 2012, p 265).
b. Example: Yesterday that I was talking to my sister on the phone we started to talk about the things we used to do when we was little. It was pretty amazing the things that I remembered. I told her about the time when we were about 5 and 9 years old and my mom would give us money to go buy her